It’s been three years since Superblog was launched as a solo indiehacker product. Currently at $4.5K MRR.

Random experiences, learnings, and thoughts:

- Building a b2b product is more valuable for the effort you put into it. My reference point is having built multiple B2C products that scaled to millions of users

- Customers are more supportive

- Purchase power is much better than a B2C product. Can easily charge $29/mo from businesses

- Less churn than b2c if value offering is good

- Choosing the right tech stack made a lot of difference. The balance between comfort and productivity matters a lot

- Having a clear idea of the product and business roadmap proved to be immensely helpful

- Received 5, 6, 7 figure acquisition/acquihire offers (cash + equity)

- Took small money from Adobe design fund. Yes, THE Adobe

- If you are solving a real problem, even billion-dollar brands will use your product. No matter how small or big you are. Superblog is used by Swiggy, Sezzle(India), Juspay, Aisle, Drivelah, SALT etc

- Setting up automations is very important when you are a solo indiehacker. I was in the USA for a six-month vacation. Yes, six months. I had to take this vacation due to my decade of constant grind, personal trauma, and work hours. I was still working on Superblog but very very minimal number of hours. The automation, goals, and clarity helped me very much

- Almost 5x MRR growth this year, even with vacation

- Don’t be lazy with the quality of the product. Design, performance, support. Everything compounds. Customers deserve that. It is our way of showing them respect when they pay their hard-earned money. That’s why I take extreme care while building the product. It has to give a wow experience for users. But at the same time make sure your time is spent on the right things to optimize for success

- Picking the right positioning, branding, messaging, and customer profiles is very important for product growth and success

- Building in public turned out to be very helpful for me. Shared some, received a lot. People started following superblog, talking about superblog, questioning superblog, and then loving superblog. Received immense support from strangers (who became friends). People, literally, found typos in random places and sent me screenshots to fix them. People referred superblog as if it’s their friend’s product, as if it’s their own product. Send me DMs of copycats, and helpful resources. All with ZERO expectation in return. Some humans are amazing. I’m grateful to all of you!

Superblog as a brand has been established now. We are not going anywhere. I have some interesting thought experiments to run next year, will superblog remain a solo indiehacker product, or join the big boys league remains a question. Even for me. One thing for sure is that the product will be loved by as many users as possible. I think that’s the best way to build a company.

Thank you so much, everyone - customers, family, friends, well-wishers, kind strangers, and copycats for the love and support.

Just extending my heart-felt gratitude to a few people who are with me on this journey:

Mohit Vivek Ram Ryan Kundavai Nikhil Shreekant Santosh Bimlesh Harnidh Bhanu Santosh Jibin Antony Able Ahaan Anupma

Kindly forgive me if I forgot anyone.